Earn money from Blogging/Content writing

If you are good at writing and can easily express your thought in writing, then you can write your hobbies, interests, and passions, and publish them as a blog. Soon you can become a well-known blogger if your writings are suitable and beneficial for the visitors. You can create your blog at WordPress with no investment or you can use a self-hosted paid blog.

In the case of a self-hosted blog, you may have to invest as little as Rs 100 per month initially for hosting the domain. You may initially get the domain free for one year. The advantage here is that you can easily custom your site as per your requirement. You can monetize the blog through advertisement, product reviews, affiliate marketing and so. Remember, earning through blogging is time taking and may take more than a year or so. If you want to become millionaires by over-night, then you may not think to write a blog.


    1. hello Sana,
      Welcome. For content writing, first, you need to check your area of expertise and hobbies. Say you are expertise in any specific area or you know somewhat in a specific area (say repairing of a mobile phone). Either you can search a blog who is publishing the different methods of mobile repairing for different types of problems, then you can write your expertise and can post there, or you can create your own blog and write the content about mobile repairing. this is just an example. This way the blog ca target a specific audience. If you are interested in hosting a domain, then you can click here.WEB HOSTING

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