make Money from home with YouTube Video

One can earn money from YouTube channel with a little work from home without any investment. First you need to create a YouTube Channel. Now either you can use your own smart phone or may be a laptop or desktop to record your skills. Say, for example you know how to repair or change the battery of a smart phone. So, shoot a video of changing the battery of a smart phone with proper explanation and upload it in your YouTube channel. Give appropriate name and keywords.

Many people are there who are looking to know about battery changing procedure of a smart phone. One search in google, your video may be shown to the user. If the user likes your video, he/she will subscribe your channel. Once your channel reach the minimum criteria set by YouTube, then you are qualified for reviewing. (Currently criteria is 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs view in one year). If your channel is qualified in reviewing by YouTube staffs, then your channel will be set for monetization.

Once your channel is monetized, then YouTube will show paid advertisements in your videos. These paid advertisements will open your earning path. You need to upload new videos periodically, then only subscribers and watch hours will grow. One video will not be enough to reach this stage.

If your channel is really attractive and many followers are there then you may get sponsored posts also.


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