The best way to make money online with the most honest work from home is to teach online. If you love teaching and have a deep knowledge on a particular subject, then you can easily earn money by online teaching or online tutoring. One can teach online from home only. It provides a great platform to connect online with millions of students of all ages, from all over the world. You can connect with students from primary classes to master degree level. You can teach them one to one through live video lectures. It can also be in the form of providing supports in solving homework and assignments.

However, we are mainly custom with offline teaching. So the question arises, how to teach online from home? The answer is very simple. One needs an internet connection with good internet speed, one computer, and one digital writing pad. That’s it. Now you have to find a good platform from where you can start your journey of online teaching. That means one has to register with at least one of the online teaching platforms to teach online from home.

Various platforms to teach online

There are many platforms available for online teaching. However, one can teach online from home using the following platforms;

You can register and create your profile on these websites. Fill a simple form with bio-data. Some websites may also ask for a demo teaching.

On approval and document verification, some websites will give you induction training through webinars. They will tell you about their systems, earning schemes, and any other information if required.

Your profile will be listed on their website under specific subjects or classes. Your popularity will depend on your experience, qualifications, and rating you achieved from your students.

You can display your own flexible and available timing. Students will choose the timing based on your availability and convenience.

Earning may vary from around $ 5 to $ 40-50 per hour depending on your knowledge and ability of lecture delivery.

English Language corrections (if required)

For smooth error-free teaching in the English language, a tutor sometimes may require an English expert. It is always not possible to refer to an English expert while giving some texts to the students. To write an error-free text in terms of grammar and spelling, one can use Grammarly. For more details please click here.

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